Tribal Tattoos for Men

Modern tattoo art originated from the Polynesians and was brought to the mainstream by sailors during the maritime expedition from the 16th to 18th centuries. Polynesian tattoos inscribed on the body were seen among European sailors returning home. Later on, tattoo art also became popular in North America.

Even during ancient times, men had tattoos on their body parts for various reasons, aside from spiritual beliefs. Tattoos in tribal groups are used to indicate the tribe’s hierarchy, rank and superiority. Seen on tribal warriors, the tattoos symbolize bravery. Members of tribes wore tattoos to distinguish them from other tribes. Nowadays, however, tribal tattoos are considered a fashion statement or trend adding aesthetic aspect to one’s appearance and enhancing his personality.

Tribal tattoos are mostly preferred by men. Having tattoos on a man’s body make him different from the rest of the crowd. If chosen carefully, the tattoo design can bring out a unique impression about the tattoo wearer. It can be very elegant and will definitely attract women’s attention.

Non-figurative art such as symmetrical designs and flowing lines are done carefully using the shading technique. Abstract tattoo designs come out very unique and attractive on men’s bodies like those seen on celebrities. Dwayne Johnson, a famous WWE wrestler and actor in the Hollywood has a striking tattoo from his chest to his biceps. David Beckham, a soccer celebrity and currently an endorser of H&M underwear line flaunts with masculine pride his tattoos all over his body. Mike Tyson, former boxing sensation has a tribal tattoo design on his body.

Here are some tribal tattoo designs that will really look fantastic on a man’s body.

Sun Tattoo

The sun tattoo is a popular tribal tattoo design. Associated with the idea that the sun is the central power for life’s existence, anyone who wears a sun tattoo radiates energy, dignity and leadership. Generally, the sun tattoo represents heaven’s soul. If you want power and dignity, the sun tribal tattoo is a perfect choice.

Dragon Tattoo

For the Chinese, the dragon is a symbol of strength and wisdom. The mythical creature emitting fire with long tails and claws connotes power. The base of a dragon tattoo is the picture of a dragon; however, a unique dragon design can also be suggested by your tattoo artists.

Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic cross tattoo can be simple or highly defined. Depending on your choice, the Celtic tattoo design is still one of the popular tattoo designs for men. The cross denotes faith in a supreme power. Detailed design surrounding the Celtic cross tattoo can be multicolored. Just make sure that choosing other designs blended with it will not de-emphasize the Celtic cross tattoo. As a protection ring, Celtic cross can be tattooed like an armband.

Wolf Tattoo

The wolf tribal tattoo has negative and positive connotations. It can represent evil for some, while others may view it as a bond with the afterlife. This idea originated from the Egyptian mythology and as used in totem, the wolf stands for death which continues to a path or link to the underworld. The bicep is the best body part for a wolf tattoo. A picture of a wolf with its lifted face towards the full moon will be stunning.

Thorn Tattoo

Thorn tattoos have different meanings. A rose with a thorn design around may connote untouched beauty but when seen on a cross, it will be a religious symbolism for faith in times of suffering. Tribal thorn tattoos look great on the biceps, upper back and neck.

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