Tribal Arm Tattoos for Men

The word tattoo comes from “tataw”, according to John Cook in his narrative of his first voyage to Tahiti and New Zealand. Various tattoo designs were popularized in many cultures especially in Asia. From the ancient style, tribal tattoo designs have become a fashion statement for many.

Usually seen as black, tribal tattoos are in fact dark green in color. Although they are broad and thick, other tattoos are multi-colored to bring out fine and detailed design. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, then a tribal tattoo is great choice. It’s not only fashionable but it can also enhance your personality.

The most popular tattoo design among men is the tribal tattoo. The basic reason for this is because the design conveys a macho appeal. Tribal tattoo designs can be inked on the chest, neck, biceps and shoulder blade but many men prefer it on their arms. Tribal arm tattoos for men can either be sleeve tattoo pattern or armband tribal tattoo design. Sleeve tattoo resembles a full sleeve shirt that covers the entire hand. Armband, on the other hand looks like an armlet or a wrap around band. In terms of cost, because of the intricacy and highly defined patterns and colors, the tribal arm sleeve tattoo is costlier than the armband. Tattoo artists prefer using black or dark blue ink on tribal armband tattoos.

Let’s discuss the types of tribal arm tattoos for men to help you decide which style to permanently ink on your arm.

Tribal Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoo designs come in three kinds:

  • Full sleeve tattoo covering the entire arm
  • Quarter sleeve tattoo running from the shoulder to the bicep
  • Half sleeve tattoo covering the shoulder to the elbow

Of course, if you choose a longer design it will also mean more cost. The most common half sleeve or full sleeve tattoo design is the tribal dragon. According to the Chinese belief, the dragon symbolizes power and wisdom. Colors also enhance the details of the tattoo design making it more eye-catching and fashionable.

Tribal Armband Tattoos

Men who choose classic arm tattoos will go for armband tattoo designs. Like hand bands, they only cover part of the hand but lesser than a sleeve tattoo. They are also popularly known as “cuffs”.

Here are some ideas for armband tattoo designs. Simple patterns are flower, vines, hearts, geometric figures and lettering. Traditional patterns are barbed wire, thorns or other manly motifs. However, the following designs are very symbolic:

  • Symmetrical designs of ancient or Celtic origin
  • Star symbolizing life’s direction
  • Patriotic design like the American eagle
  • Flame armband symbolizing the wearer’s ambition and passion
  • Script armband creating mystery and intrigue
  • Grey eye armband signifying vigilance
  • Skull armband symbolizes anger and fear
  • Logo style like batman or other fictional characters for the adventurous or childlike personality
  • Chinese symbols like Fu (fortune), Lu (prosperity), and Ai (love)