Tattoo Ideas for Men

Getting a tattoo is an amazing idea. The hard part though is coming up with a great tattoo idea. Tattoo ideas for men vary from different symbols and patterns. The first thing that you should  consider is the permanence of the tattoo design that you are choosing. The tattoo will remain on your body for a very long time, so you will definitely want to get a tattoo design that has some meaning or significance to you. It would be a bad idea get a tattoo done that is just temporary and you would have it removed within a year.

Tattoo ideas for men vary from tribal tattoo to family names. Most tattoo artists will have a portfolio of the designs they have created over time and, by the same token, can make a draft of an idea you might have. To get started write down the root cause of getting the tattoo in the first place. Once we have the basic then we go further into researching what we want.

Popular Tattoo Designs

Recently, Celtic tattoo designs have become quite popular among men. The Celtic design carries a symbol of confidence when worn on the arm. Next to Celtic tattoos, tribal tattoo designs have become famous as well. Tribal tattoos typically are totem patterns and symbols that represent a strong masculine force or energy. Angular in shape with black sharp edges make them look very unique and rough. Tribal tattoos are perfect for a tough guy.

Oriental writing and scripture have been around for a while and look great on the deltoids. A word in English such as “desire” can be written in Chinese/Asian text. The appeal of this kind of tattoo is that foreign scripture. No one, other than the native speakers, can read and understand the writing hence giving it a flare of curiosity. Other tattoo’s from the culture can dragon tattoos. Every man as a child wanted a dragon. Either it be from their favorite show or cartoon series, the dragon represents an aggressive confident creature that appeals to a lot of men. Some great tattoo placement for a dragon tattoo is near the upper back.

One of the tattoo designs that we think is pretty cool is the barcode tattoo on the neck. This is not very common, but it looks very cool. It’s a small design that rest on the lower back of your neck. This is for the person who is looking for a design that is unique and different.

These are just some of tattoo ideas for men. There are thousands of designs out there to choose from. Just make sure that you think before you ink — choose a tattoo design that you’d want to stay with you for a very long time.