Shoulder Tribal Tattoos for Men

Tribal tattoos becoming very popular among men, mainly because of the diminishing the impression that tattoos are only for gangsters and ex convicts. Nowadays, tattoo designs are more personalized and are an expression of one’s personality, likes, and dislikes. This is very different from the old era when tribal tattoo designs are only meant to express spiritual and religious beliefs. In the modern age, tattoos are used to make a unique fashion statement.

Tribal Tattoo Design Choices

There are many tribal tattoo designs to choose from that will appeal to both men and women. Those who are creative can pick up or sketch their own designs. Most people, of course go for tattoo designs that have been tried and popularized throughout the ages like the tribal tattoo designs. These tattoo designs are influenced by the Hawaiian, the Maori and the Polynesian cultures.

Location of Tribal Tattoo Designs

Where do you want to have your tattoo design? The exact position of your tattoo is a personal choice. Men wanting a tribal tattoo inked on their skin choose the arms, back, neck and shoulder blades. This becomes very easy for them to show off a tribal tattoo almost anywhere on their bodies. However, the popular choice for men’s tattoo is the shoulder blade.

Typical Tribal Tattoos on the Shoulder

The traditional tattoo designs were the dragon, sun, wolves and tigers. The choice of design will determine the size or span of the tattoo and the shoulder is the best place to carve these tattoo designs. Masculine tattoo designs like skulls, aliens, and Gothic style of tattoo look splendid on the shoulder blades.

Some men portray a very strong character but a shoulder tattoo will add a touch of sensitivity to the personality. They can also wear a patriotic tattoo to enhance their masculinity. More ideas for shoulder tribal tattoo can be found online.

Larger Tattoos Better for Shoulder

The reason why shoulder tattoos are popular is that the shoulder has a wide area for a huge tattoo. It is the only part of the body that can be exposed or covered up. The shoulder has a certain appeal in the same way that lower back tattoo is very sexy and feminine on women. Sleeve tattoo designs extending from the shoulder can give a wider space for extending the tattoo design.

Whatever tribal tattoo design a man would imprint on his body, the tattoo will always enhance his masculinity and his expression of a distinct style or fashion statement.