Popular Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoo designs are now becoming a trend. The best tribal tattoo designs are so complex that many tattoo artists have extensively studied and committed themselves to the art of creating the tribal tattoo designs.

In the olden days, tribal tattoos are powerful emblems and the most popular tribal tattoo design is the Maori tattoo. A particular tribal tattoo designs carry a special meaning with it. It is therefore important that you decide what kind of tribal tattoo design to put permanently on your body. There are many tattoo designs that men and women can choose from.

Here are some of the most popular, best tribal tattoo designs today.

Maori Tattoos

The Maori tattoos depict the entire family tree or history of an individual or tribe. This type of tattoo is a sort of identification for the person’s tribe or clan.

Heavenly Bodies Tattoos

If you choose a heavenly body as your tattoo design, you must know the meaning attached to it. The sun, being the center of the universe, is the most common ancient tribal tattoo design. The sun tattoo was a symbol of honor to the Sun God. The sun tattoo was a symbol of honor to the Sun God. It is also used to honor the fire element.

The symbol of the star depends on how many points there are. The orientation or positioning of the star or stars also means something. When choosing the sun and the star as tribal tattoo designs, they may also vary in size including the details but they are definitely great choice for almost any body part.

Zodiac Tattoos

Those who are fans of astrology prefer zodiac tattoos to represent their birth signs. For many years, the use of zodiac signs has intrigued people. The zodiac symbols differ by culture but the famous versions are the Roman and Greek zodiac. When choosing zodiac tattoos, blend this with traits and strength of your birth sign to personalize your tattoo.

Haida Tattoo

The Haida tattoo depicts events with associations to mythological characters usually showing a confrontation between the supernatural beings and the mortal. Haidan designs are usually with crests or figures of animals, sea creatures and mythic beings. The Haidan designs can be seen among large monumental totem poles but are now popular as body tattoos. The Haida tattoo designs are placed on thighs, chest, shoulders, forearms, backs of the hands and the fingers.

Religious Tribal Tattoo

Another popular tattoo design are the religious tattoos. Its popularity can be attributed to people’s religious alliance. When choosing a religious tattoo for your design, devote time to create your own unique design. You can do this by researching symbols of the shamanic and tribal religions including Maori, Samoan, Native American, Ancient European and African. Consider blending the symbols that will also represent your personality.

Other Popular Tattoo Designs

There are also other very trendy tattoo designs especially for the young people. Examples of these designs are stars, flowers, butterfly and angel tattoos.

Star Tattoos

Star shaped talisman was used to drive away evil spirits in the olden days. Other religious groups swear by this symbol that is why it’s a popular choice for tattoo design.

Cross Tattoos

If you think that cross tattoos are only for the Christians or Catholics, then you are wrong. People from all over the world choose cross tattoos as a symbol of their belief in God. Both men and female prefer the cross design but of course cross tattoo for women can be made colorful and with unique themes. For men, the cross tattoos have minimal design and symbolizes not only religion but also bravery.

Angel Tattoo

Angel tattoos is a symbolism of faith. Anyone with an angel tattoo is surely a person with faith in religion and in God.

Butterfly Tattoos

Women prefer butterfly tattoos. The butterfly symbolizes the person’s metamorphosis or the person’s change or transformation. However, for many women the only reason they like the butterfly tattoo is because it looks simple but great.