Lower Back Tribal Tattoos for Women

Women who want to get permanent tribal tattoos prefer the lower back tribal tattoo designs. This is a popular area for tattoos for the females for a number of reasons.

Why Lower Back Tribal Tattoo

The lower back is said to be an intimate spot where women can freely express themselves. Lower back tattoos are simply so feminine and sexy because the natural curves of the woman’s body is emphasized and the attention is drawn to the right spots. A tattoo design for women looks impressive when it is done right. These designs will never be outdated. The best way to attract others with a lower back tribal tattoo design is to dress up in low rise bottoms and tank tops.

Women flaunt their sexiness and feminism with a lower back tribal tattoo. The tattoo designs highlight the curves turning the female body into a gorgeous canvas. The perfect spot for the tribal tattoo is the lower part of the back right above the buttocks. The sight of a woman’s lower back with a tattoo design highlights the sexy hourglass silhouette of the woman’s body. Whenever appropriate, women can show off their tattoos. The tattoos are strategically hidden when wearing business or corporate attire.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs

There are many ideas for lower back tattoo. You can search online for lower back tattoo pictures. Some tattoo designs are free for copying or download, but others require payment online. If you want tribal tattoo design, type in the keyword “lower back tribal tattoo designs” and choose the one that suits your personality.

Flower Tattoo

Women commonly choose the flower design for the lower back. Designs like outward blossoming flowers are great for the lower body as well as the shoulder blades. The most preferred flower designs are delicate rose, cherry blossoms, black and grey flowers, tribal flower, lotus, orchids, butterfly flower, ankle flower and many other tattoo designs.

Mystical and Religious Tattoo

Tattoo designs that are mystical and religious are also used for lower back tattoo. Search ideas for mythical or mystical tattoo designs such as the dragon, zodiac signs, mystic blue lotus and other mystic designs. Ancient cultures with mythological symbols are also good tattoo ideas for women. Fairies and winged creatures are also sexy designs.

Religious designs like the Celtic cross and angels are often used for lower back tattoo.


Scripts from the Chinese and Arabic language are mainly preferred by women for lower back tattoo. Eastern cultural designs like Hindu scripts and the Laughing Buddha are also popular. Sometimes they also choose chants and prayers tattooed on their lower back in their original script or language.


Small and dainty designs of a butterfly or other animals are popular tattoo designs for the lower back. Stencils of animal designs for the tattoo artists are available online and you can choose from various illustrations of unicorns, dolphins, birds,

Any design is perfect for lower back tattoo. But many people regret having their tattoos because their choices weren’t carefully thought of. So before having a real tattoo, it is recommended to try a temporary one like a henna tattoo. This will make you see if lower back tattoo is good for you. You can change ideas if you want to until you get the best lower back tattoo design. Do a bit of research before you finally have a permanent tattoo design inked on your lower back.

Pejorative Nicknames for Lower Back Tattoos on Women

It is worth noting though that there are still some members of our society who do not truly embrace or accept the notion of using tattoos as a form of self-expression, especially in women. Lower back tribal tattoos, though very popular among women, have been given a number of pejorative nicknames, including:

  • Tramp stamp
  • Bull’s eye
  • Target

If you decide to get a lower back tattoo, you must be prepared to hear these terms mumbled by some envious members of our society whenever you pass by and show off your beautifully designed lower back tribal tattoo.