Cross Tattoo Designs

If you like tattoos, you must have already noticed that the tribal cross tattoo and the Celtic cross tattoo design are two of the popular tattoo designs today. Cross tattoos are a great way of expressing one’s religious belief or faith. It can also be a sign of allegiance to a tribe or culture. Cross designs like the tribal and the Celtic cross tattoo designs are preferred by men and women. They are usually blended with other designs found in memorial tattoos, heart design tattoos and even the flower design tattoos.

Origin of the Cross Tattoo Designs

Where did cross tattoo designs originate? The idea of the cross tattoo existed even before Christ’s death on the cross. The tribal cross tattoo designs have been used as a kind of lucky charm or amulet to protect its wearer during the primitive culture. Wearing a cross tattoo is a symbol of bravery among warriors of the tribes. Many tribal communities also identify their members through different symbols including the cross.

As for Celtic cross tattoo designs, they date back to the pagan times when the pagans used the cross to worship the sun as symbolized by the sun and the ring. Also, the origin of the Celtic cross was thought to have come from the Druids or the priestly class in Britain, Ireland and Gaul or Celtic Europe. Most of our understanding of the Celts can be traced from the Roman writings and with the help of the monks in their effort to uncover the Celtic culture through mythology after the time of Jesus Christ.

Many people would think that the cross tattoo design was influenced by Christianity. Indeed, tattooing with a cross was used as a sign or seal of God’s name as found in the Scriptures in Rev. 7:3; 9:4; 13:16; 14:1; 20:4; 22:4. Some Christian community though did not agree to tattoo as a symbol of faith as there are a few minority who considered tattooing as a pagan practice..

Cross Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

The tribal cross tattoo designs are very famous and unique. They are inked on the bodies of rugged men in primitive culture to identify them as warriors of the tribe. Basically, tribal cross tattoo stands for bravery and honor. Modern tattoo artists have incorporated the classic tribal cross tattoo design with their own art designs. The bold and dark ink with its big strokes and sharp edges are mostly seen on the arms and shoulders of men and sometimes on the upper body blended with other designs.

The Celtic cross tattoo design carries a more extensive meaning. With its circular and Celtic knot design, the Celtic cross tattoo is a strong symbol of religion and faith. The use of the vertical and the horizontal points unite all forces on four directions and the four seasons. Celtic art design recognizes balance of all forms of life. The Celtic cross therefore communicates faith, balance, honor, unity, temperance, and other meanings that transcend the basic cross design.

Primarily, the cross is a symbol of religion and devotion to the cross. Men and women can choose their cross tattoo designs depending on their personality. But like other tattoo designs, new ideas bring out the creativity of tattoo artists as well as your own, too. Because of the flexibility of the cross design, you will surely love it on any part of your body. The design is simple to create.

As a general Christian opinion, a cross tattoo is acceptable as long as the creation of the tattoo art using the cross is not blasphemous, obscene or sacrilegious It doesn’t matter if you are traditional, trendy or religious.

Tribal cross tattoo or Celtic cross tattoo design? Whatever tattoo you choose to be permanently inked on your body, the cross tattoo will definitely bring out a very important message.