Tribal Tattoo Designs

These days, tattoo tribal designs are a craze not only among men, but even women. But tribal tattoos are more than just body art — they have deeper meanings and are a symbolism that depicts earlier civilizations.

Every tribal tattoo design is an emblem. It represents the core of the civilizations and their culture. Different tribal tattoo designs show nature, cycle of life, honoring gods, reincarnation, spirit, the different seasons, regeneration and other ideas. Throughout history, the process of tattooing has turned into an art form.

Prehistoric societies inked tribal tattoo designs in honor of fire and of the sun as devotion to their gods. It was believed that men with tribal tattoos were important people and were installed as high priests or people devoted to their gods.

Tattoos, of course, differ depending on culture, time, race, period, memories and age of the person wanting to have a tattoo. Tattoos, in many cases, reflect not only the culture but also the individual’s expression of himself. I remember reading about widows getting tattoos of their late husbands’ names and using the ashes for the tattoo. The act simply speaks of the widows’ fidelity and devotion to their husbands.

But what do the tribal tattoos really mean? Tribal tattoos can be very important in societal ranks. Sometimes they indicate the group or tribe or rank to which the person belongs. Having a tattoo was an ancient practice for rituals common among the North American Indians. On the other hand, Europeans get tattoos to acknowledge membership as well as origins. Among tribe members or race, certain traditions are made stronger and more meaningful with some tattoos.

Polynesian Tribal Tattoos

polynesian by bjsxiii on DeviantArt

People in the Marquesan Island of Polynesia could be all seen with tattoos. This is because the word tattoo was derived from the Polynesian word “tatua”. Tatoos for them is a form of language. The tattoo designs that are seen on their body are usually inspired by animals or animal parts symbolizing something. For example, tattoo designs like the shark fish symbolizes protection. Shells symbolizes wealth. This means that indicate Polynesian culture, religious beliefs, spiritual/ secular values, tribes, respective ceremonies and their family genealogy.

New Zealand Tribal Tattoos

The tattoo process can be painful and long. In New Zealand, Maori people consider tattoos to be sacred. The process is very painful as the skin needed to be carved. Unlike modern tattooing procedure using needle, Maori tattooing used special chisels to carefully carve the design on the skin. Maoris use carves and spirals in their tribal designs representing the important events in the person’s life. We can say that having a Maori tattoo is a sign of inner strength. They have a strange belief that when they die, a light will illuminate the body and the tattoo will tell the kind of person they were.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

“Show me your tattoo, and I will tell you who you are.” This is how people in Hawaii consider tribal tattoos. It is a way of branding identity or calling another person’s way. One of the tools used for tattooing is made from hippopotamus tooth called Moli. There’s one thing that’s unique about Hawaiian tattoo. The process is an expression of grief while rendering protection. Hawaiian tattoos are not just conventional body designs; most importantly, they represent a dimension of immense significance.

Borneon Tribal Tattoos

The Bornean tribal tattoos represent a person’s achievements and it is also a symbol of protection. Designs include scorpions, dogs, curves, spirals, and many others. Bold with simple coloring is the preferred shade of body tattoos.

There are various tribal tattoo designs to choose from. The best thing to do before getting a tattoo is to determine what you like exactly. Remember that tribal tattoo designs represent who you are or what you want to portray.